Awww, yeahhhh

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Know why this man is smiling so hard?

Its like a blow job for my ass

My ass is so motherfuckin comfortable now, I can't believe it. This is like being cradled in a nest of happiness and human scalps.

Because he’s enjoying the comfort of his high quality Berkline recliner.

And reading the obituary of a dude he randomly murdered a week ago.

You Say Tomato, I Say STFU.

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In a parallel universe this blog is called John Automan.

Canis ottomanus

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Practice safe ottoman

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Used Foreign Ottomans

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There is a site called “Used Ottawa” where Canucks can sell each other shit.  Here are two used ottomans for sale for $10:


That’s right.  Ottawan Ottomans.


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No, really.

Sex Involving Ottomans Not Just for Midgets Anymore

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Making normal-size-person-on-ottoman sex a reality.


Comfortable pillows are important.


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I would hit it.


It being the woman, not the ottoman you sick freak.

mesa.  COCK!  Not the lesbian cow.  THIS hottie…


Get Out

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In case you want to put your feet up when you’re jogging in the park.



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